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Childcare 2 - 3 Years

Fostering values

Give your child an environment of old fashioned values that build on core traits and can take through life.

We provide enhanced learning and child care services to encourage growth, and also emotional and social development.

Learning happens

You'll be able to see our weekly lesson plans that we post for you to be connected to what your child is learning through the day. You can strengthen these moments at home and stay involved.

Care you can trust

Since 1981, our goal is always to provide your child a secure place that encourages growth socially, academically, and physically. Our entire curriculum feeds into one of these aspects for your child.  Your child will experience a development of independent skills as well.

Daily Activities




Playtime and rest time are incorporated for a balanced day. Nap time and outdoor time.

Arts and Crafts

Your child can explore her creative streak by sharing lessons, story times, arts and craft time.

Language development and motor skills are activities that foster thinking and problem solving.

We provide a healthy breakfast and afternoon snack for your child.

Your child will experience a rich and diverse learning experience. Our curriculum provides just the right amount of challenge for your little growing learner. Ask us more about how we encourage age-appropriate learning with your child.