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Nurturing Independence

We guide your child in order to learning new skills to encourage independent thinking. Independence is a big part of your child learning about herself and then relating to the outside world.

Music and Art

Along the lines of relating to the world around, music and art helps your child learn new skills in expression and creativity. We provide the tools to spur that on. Your child will be introduced to math ans science as well as experience story time, nap time, outside time/recess, sharing, and open-ended learning.

Value Centered

Here at Relay Children's Center, we

offer 'old fashioned' values to enhance your child's character development. Since 1981, we have given children a superior education by providing caring guidance.

Daily Activity Includes


Eating Together

Play and Rest

We balance social and emotional development here.

Creative Time

Your child will be free to express creativity in arts and crafts time.

Lessons teach your child letters, numbers, and more.

Meals and snacks are provided for your child.

Your 4-year old kid is about to embark on the greatest learning adventure in school, and we will help get your child ready for it. Our curriculum fosters learning, independence, problem solving, and social skills to give your child a great start.